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Faculty Search, Department of Chemistry:

Rice University seeks applicants for tenure-track appointments with an anticipated start date of July 1, 2017. We welcome applicants with expertise in all areas of organic chemistry, all areas of inorganic and nanoscale chemistry, and experimental physical chemistry. Rice University also seeks applicants for new faculty members at all ranks in the broad area of molecular nanotechnology.

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Molecular Nanotechnology Faculty Search

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Introduction to Scientific Research>

Introduction to Scientific Research

Students will conduct scientific research in the laboratories of Rice faculty in the areas of Nanotechnology, Chemistry, Materials, and Engineering. During the five-week course, students will engage in full-time research and will be mentored by experienced researchers under the supervision of Rice faculty. 

This course is for high school students of the classes of 2017 and 2018.

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Good vibrations help reveal molecular detailsGood vibrations help reveal molecular details
February 15
Five years of hard work and a little “cosmic luck” led Rice University researchers to a new method to obtain structural details on molecules in biomembranes. 


Graphene foam gets big and toughGraphene foam gets big and tough
February 13
A chunk of conductive graphene foam reinforced by carbon nanotubes can support more than 3,000 times its own weight and easily bounce back to its original height, according to Rice University scientists. 


Better scaffolds help scientists study cancerBetter scaffolds help scientists study cancer
February 8
Testing treatments for bone cancer tumors may get easier with new enhancements to sophisticated support structures that mimic their biological environment, according to Rice University scientists. 


Bacterium from coal mine fire could aid drug targetingBacterium from coal mine fire could aid drug targeting
February 6
Chemists scouring Appalachia for exotic microorganisms that could yield blockbuster drugs have reported a unique find from the smoldering remains of a coal mine fire that’s burned for nearly a decade in southeastern Kentucky.