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Lon J. Wilson

Professor of Chemistry

Professor Wilson's research program involves bringing carbon nanotechnology to the fields of biology and medicine. The nanoparticle "building blocks" of this program are fullerenes (C60), endohedral metallofullerenes (M@C60), and ultra-short (20 nm long) single-walled carbon nanotube capsules (US-tubes). Externally, these carbon nanostructures are being chemically derivatized to make them biocompatible and cell-specific through peptide and antibody targeting. Internally, the nanostructures are being loaded with materials of medical interest for diagnostic and therapeutic medicine. Materials of interest include Fe2O3 and Gd3+ ions for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), I2 molecules for X-ray computed tomography (CT) imaging and alpha-particle radionuclides (Ac3+-225 and At-211) for alpha-radioimmunotherapy of single-cell cancers. Cancer therapies are also being developed that take advantage of superparamagnetic nanostructures, such as Gd3+@US-tubes, that are simultaneously diagnostic (MRI-guided) and therapeutic (magnetic hyperthermia) agents in a single package. All these carbon nanostructures, with their medical cargos, are designed to be among the first intracellular agents, since the future of medicine will involve the early detection of disease at the cellular level when it is most treatable. Nanoengineered materials promise great advances in medicine, and, working with colleagues at various medical centers, our goal is to bring key, high-performance materials to the clinic as soon as possible.


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