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Lawrence Bruce Alemany

Lecturer of Chemistry

I manage an NMR facility under the Shared Equipment Authority, the campus-wide organization responsible for the operation and maintenance of much of Rice's research instrumentation.  The NMR facility had a major upgrade of its 200 and 500 MHz spectrometers in 2010-2011.  It also has a 400 MHz spectrometer. 


I collaborate with various research groups at Rice (and other academic institutions) extensively using NMR for structural characterization of liquids and solids, explore the utility of new developments in NMR for such research, and do a little research on my own.  Collaborations in the last several years have involved work with scientists in Houston (University of St. Thomas, Baylor College of Medicine, and the University of Houston), Beaumont (Lamar University), and Dallas (Baylor College of Dentistry).


In the last decade, research collaborations involving NMR have spanned several major areas.  A variety of organic and organometallic compounds have been studied by solution state NMR.  For example, we have performed a detailed analysis of a key intermediate toward a light-driven motorized nanocar, used isotopic labels to determine biosynthetic pathways in antibiotics, and studied isotope effects and relaxation phenomena, including cross-correlated relaxation, in simple organofluorine compounds.  Solid state NMR has been extensively used to provide structural information on a wide range of materials such as fullerenes, nanotubes, graphite oxide, coals, minerals, cements, and composites.


In addition to being a Lecturer of Chemistry, I am a Senior Research Scientist in the Shared Equipment Authority and have an affiliation with the Smalley Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology.


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  • B.S. City College of New York (1975)
  • Ph.D. University of Chicago (1980)
  • Smalley Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology
  • NMR for structural characterization of liquids and solids
Email: lalemany@rice.edu
Phone: (713) 348-5360
Office: Dell Butcher Hall, 145