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Franklin Lecture: Self-assembled Plasmonic Structures

Lecture/Lecture Series


By: George C. Schatz
Professor of Chemistry
From: Northwestern University
When: Wednesday, February 1, 2017
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Where: Dell Butcher Hall
Abstract: Recently there has been growing interest in the coupling of self-assembly chemistry with the formation of silver and gold nanoparticles, to create a new generation of materials of interest for sensing and optical devices. This talk describes the self-assembly modeling and optical properties of two classes of these materials: DNA-linked nanoparticle superlattices, and peptide amphiphile micelles and ribbons that incorporate nanoparticles. The presentation will focus on theoretical modeling, including the development of coarse-graining strategies for describing the assembly of DNA-linked superlattices, and peptide amphiphile fibers, and the use electrodynamics to describe the plasmonic properties of the metal nanoparticle structures. As one application we introduce a new approach to making alloys of plasmonic nanoparticles that have unusual metamaterials properties.