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Rice University seeks applicants for tenure-track appointments with an anticipated start date of July 1, 2017. We welcome applicants with expertise in all areas of organic chemistry, all areas of inorganic and nanoscale chemistry, and experimental physical chemistry. Rice University also seeks applicants for new faculty members at all ranks in the broad area of molecular nanotechnology.

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Molecular Nanotechnology Faculty Search

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ACS recognizes buckyball discovery>

ACS recognizes buckyball discovery

The American Chemical Society has presented Rice University the Citation for Chemical Breakthroughs Award in recognition of the discovery of carbon 60, or the buckyball, at Rice in 1985. Buckyball co-discoverer Robert Curl accepted the award Aug. 21 at the ACS annual meeting in Philadelphia along with Matteo Pasquali, chair of the chemistry department. 

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Wolynes elected to Indian National Science AcademyWolynes elected to Indian National Science Academy
October 24
Rice University chemist Peter Wolynes has been elected a Foreign Fellow of the Indian National Science Academy, an honor bestowed on fewer than 100 scholars worldwide.


Smashing metallic cubes toughens them upSmashing metallic cubes toughens them up
October 20
Scientists at Rice University are smashing metallic micro-cubes to make them ultrastrong and tough by rearranging their nanostructures upon impact.


Study explains strength gap between graphene, carbon fiberStudy explains strength gap between graphene, carbon fiber
October 19
Carbon fiber, a pillar of strength in materials manufacturing for decades, isn’t as good as it could be, but there are ways to improve it, according to Rice University scientists.


Rice biophysicists model genome mechanicsRice biophysicists model genome mechanics
September 26
Rice University scientists trying to solve the ultimate puzzle — the architecture of the human genome — have snapped another piece into place.