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Logan Bishop named an NSF Graduate Research Fellow>

Logan Bishop named an NSF Graduate Research Fellow

Chemistry graduate student Logan Bishop has been awarded the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) 2018 Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) after being selected from a pool of thousands of applicants.

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Mat baits, hooks and destroys pollutants in waterMat baits, hooks and destroys pollutants in water
March 21
A polymer mat developed at Rice University has the ability to fish biologically harmful contaminants from water through a strategy known as “bait, hook and destroy.”


Hydrogel may help heal diabetic ulcersHydrogel may help heal diabetic ulcers
March 20
A hydrogel invented at Rice University that is adept at helping the body heal may also be particularly good at treating wounds related to diabetes.


Imaging technique pulls plasmon data togetherImaging technique pulls plasmon data together
March 15
Rice University scientists have developed a novel technique to view a field of plasmonic nanoparticles simultaneously to learn how their differences change their reactivity.


Hydrogel helps heal without additivesHydrogel helps heal without additives
March 13
Sometimes when you’re invested in a project you fail to notice things that turn out to be significant.